Cabin Questions

Q. What dimensions are the cabins?

A. All cabins have general information pages which can be emailed across.

Q. What colour shingles do you do?

A. We supply shingles in black, green or red.

Q. What thickness timber are the floors and roofs made from?

A. Our standard cabins use 20mm T&G.

Q. Are doors and windows supplied with glazing?

A. Yes, all windows are supplied single or double glazed.

Q. Are the buildings pre-treated?

A. Our cabins aren’t treated, only the under floor timbers are pre-treated. If we supply a subframe then that will use pre-treated timber as well. The cabin itself will need a protective treatment after construction.

Q. What treatment do you recommended for your cabins

A. We believe that an oil based paint is best. Please look at our installation page for more information.

Q. Where can I purchase the wood preservative?

A. Good wood preservative can be found at large retailers such as B&Q, Homebase, Screwfix etc.

Q. Can extra windows be added?

A. Extra windows or larger windows can be added to many of our cabins, but please phone for confirmation before purchase.

Q. None of your cabins is quite what I am looking for. Can you do a bespoke or custom design?

A. Yes, Please submit your cabin details on our Custom Design form page.

Q. Do you have any cabins in stock?

A. Yes, we stock some cabins. Cabins will be listed as in stock online.

Q. Will I be able to use my cabin all year round?

A. Yes, cabins can be used all year round, a thinner walled summer house with lots of windows would require more heating in the winter.

Q. Can I design my own cabin or modify an existing design?

We are able to provide a fully customizable range of cabins designed to your specification.

Q. How long from ordering my cabin until delivery?

A. We aim to build our cabins in stock within 3 weeks. Our specialist service means cabins can take 8 weeks to come from Lithuania.

Planning Questions

Q. Do I require a planning permission to build a cabin?

A. It depends on the size of your house, the size of your site and the size of your cabin.  Phone for more information.

BBQ Hut at night

BBQ Hut at night

Base Questions

Q. What preparation do I need to do before commencing assembly?

A. For stability and durability it is essential that the log cabins are built on a firm base.

Q. What base should i use for my cabin?

A. The ideal base will depend on the size and the site for the cabin. Suitable bases can include paving slabs, concrete base, concrete or timber sleepers, ground screws etc. For more information or advice please contact us.

Q. I am struggling to build a correct base – can you help?

A. We supply and erect cabins and can give advice about the base required. We can also recommend people that specialise in groundworks that we have used before.

Build Questions

Q. Is everything supplied to construct the building i.e. screws, nails etc?

A. No.

Q. What tools do I need for constructing a building?

A. All buildings differ, but in general we recommend you need a hammer, screwdrivers (both a flat head and Philips), a drill with 4mm and 8mm bits, tape measure, spirit level, step ladder, Stanley knife and wood saw.

Q. How are the buildings constructed?

A. A Guide will be supplied. We are also happy to speak to customers over the phone and offer our advice.

Q. How many people does it take to erect a log cabin?

A. For ease of building your log cabin we recommend at least two people doing the assembly with a third person reading the plans and passing the parts as needed.

Q.How long will it take to erect a log cabin?

A. This depends on the size and design of the cabin. If you are building one of our small or medium cabins yourself (with partner/DIY friend) you should be able to do it in a weekend. If we are building your cabin we try to ensure we have enough trained people with us to start and finish your cabin on the same day.

Q. Is there a helpline if I get stuck with the build?

A. Yes, you can phone Alan 07939 588686 between 9am – 5pm 7 days a week.

Q. Should I insulate my cabin or not?

A. Most cabins are fine as they are, as timber is a fairly good insulator. If, for example, you intend on using your cabin as an office all year round, then choosing a cabin with walls at least 44mm thick would be recommended. Underfloor and roof insulation can increase your comfort level and reduce your heating costs.

Q. Can you arrange to get my cabin built?

Yes, our expert team are available to build all year round. Contact 07939 588686 for more information.

Delivery Questions

Q. How is the cabin delivered?

If we are assembling the cabin, we bring it with us. For self assembly it is delivered by lorry and depending on the design, it could be pre-made panels or individual logs. Usually the delivery will have a lift and will deposit the cabin kerbside, for some of the smaller cabins you will need to be there to help unload.

Q. What is the delivery time for a log cabin?

A. For self assembly this depends on where we have the cabin in stock. Usually one to six weeks.

If we are assembling the cabin for you then delivery times can vary from 1-10 weeks depending on stock, time of the year, how many cabins we have booked in etc. Phoning us is the best way to get a more accurate delivery time.

Q. Is there an option to collect?

A. Yes you can collect your cabin from our warehouse. Remember that a 20sqm cabin will weigh over a ton and may have individual timbers over 6m long.

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