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Straight from the horse’s mouth! Hear what our customers think

What better way to authenticate the quality of a product than to hear from the customers? We work on a variety of projects all over the country, week in week out, so wanted to share the opinions of some of the happy customers we’ve worked with recently!

4.5m Log Cabin:

‘’The cabin is great for me, my family and the dogs to chill out in. I use it for a social area which has a hot-tub, fridge/freezer, TV and a bar with its own beer machine. It’s like a small home, it’s absolutely great and perfect for what I was looking for!’’

5m by 4m Log Cabin:

‘’I work away from home, so time at home is precious! When I am home, I love nothing more than relaxing in the hot-tub and looking out at the views in my excellent custom-built cabin – bliss.’’

11m2 BBQ Hut:

‘’We absolutely love using our cabin to have barbeques in the winters, either just the two of us or with friend. Bring on the snow, sitting in the comfort of our cabin with the fire crackling away – what more could you want? The cabin is perfect.’’ 

17m2 BBQ Hut: 

‘’We used to own a pub and have over 300 types of gin, so our cabin is nicknamed the ‘Gin Palace’! We use it for hosting different social parties and family gatherings every other weekend – it is of excellent quality and is a brilliant social hub.’’

28m2 BBQ Hut: 

‘’We needed a structure for our primary school in Ayr to be used for all sorts of education, from team build activities to story time. Suitable for all ages, the unique shape of the cabin makes learning more enjoyable for the pupils – it’s wonderful.’’