A tiny and cozy and more spacious Camping Cabin with two extensions gives substantial space for all your belongings, both on a temporary or a permanent basis. The cabin with two extensions is a bigger and more spacious structure, thus it offers more liveable spaces that you can use as a storage area. These cabins are also good sources of campings. Three separate spaces make it possible to arrange the cottage to the living room, bedroom, and bathroom spaces.

This camping cabin can withstand winter weather and can offer you the perfect space to relax even in winter. Also is available to choose as an option insulated roof and floor for this cabin. Insulation: 5 cm thick stone wool. With an insulated roof and floor panels, the Camping cabin becomes more attractive for use 2-both in summer and winter. In the summer season, the insulation keeps the heat off and the cabin does not heat up. During the winter, the insulation does not release the heat out.

Wooden walls, floors, roof panels;
Roof covered with bitumen shingles of your selected color;
5 double glass windows (three of them are opening);
Lockable door with double glazing hexagonal window;
3 rooms: 6-corners cabin and 2 rectangular extensions;

People – 2-4persons
Timber – Spruce
Shape – Hexagon + 2 Rectangles
Room – 3
Inside area – 17.2m2
Total height – 3062mm
Wall height – 1155mm
Floor thickness – 18mm
Roof thickness – 18mm
Wall thickness – 45mm
External dimension – 8150 x 4430mm
Door size – 782 x 1630mm
Window size – 880 x 510mm


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Delivery and return
Delivery and return


5.1. Delivery is free (included in the price – see 5.2) to most mainland England and Wales addresses (Shipping to Scotland costs extra). We deliver the products by trucks equipped with the cranes, so we ask you to warn us in advance (when placing an order) if there is a possibility of any obstacles during the delivery, related to limited access to the place, any kind of restrictions or parking charges. Any charges required, in the circumstances mentioned above, are to be paid by the customer. You need to inform us if you believe there will be access problems, we mostly use an 18-26 ton flatbed truck for delivery which is 10m long, 2.5m high and 2.5m wide and needs a clearance of 4m to operate. If you are not sure if there is sufficient space for our vehicles to operate, please contact us. Please note that if the access to delivery site is restricted and extra charges may be applied for specialised delivery.

5.2. Free delivery means that the delivery cost is already included in the price of the product, i.e. when the customer pays for the product he pays for both the product and the delivery. It should be pointed out, that we always pay the delivery cost to the transport company, so we are also charged by them for the collection of the product and its return back to the warehouse (in case when the order is cancelled).

5.3. Delivery time takes 4-8 business days (for our in-stock products) for deliveries in England and Wales and 8-12 business days for deliveries in Scotland (for our in-stock products), 21–35 days for non-stock goods and 42 days for custom-made products. Please do not arrange an installation date in advance, i.e. before the product you ordered has been delivered. A Trader will not be responsible for any related loss. The trader does not take any responsibility for losses resulted due to delivery delay as well.

5.4. We will contact you 1-5 days prior to the scheduled delivery date to confirm your availability. Please ensure that an adult is present for the receipt and signing of the delivery papers. Your purchase should be inspected carefully on delivery because we are not liable for any damage or missing parts thereafter.

5.5. We will endeavour to coordinate the delivery as near as possible to your day in which you would like the product delivered, however, because we deliver at least 4 products to the same vicinity we can only give a 4-day period for the delivery. Deliveries are carried out only on weekdays.

5.6. Our drivers cannot accept cash, cheques or provide any technical information concerning the product.

5.7. Every effort is made to make sure delivery is on the stipulated date, nevertheless, unforeseen delays do happen from time to time. In the unlikely event of this occurring, we will reschedule your date of delivery within a reasonable time period.

5.8. Any damage to driveways, lawns, or flower beds that are next to a narrow or difficult-to-access route shall remain the customer’s responsibility.

5.9. The insulation for the cabin is supplied via a third party, meaning there could be up to 3 day difference with regards the delivery of the cabin and delivery of the insulation products. Insulation boards can only be delivered and offloaded to the curbside.


When filling out an order form, a Consumer must inform the Trader of any factors that could prevent or hinder delivery of the purchase. A Trader cannot be held responsible for items lost, stolen or damaged after delivery to a designated address.

Caring For Your Products
Caring For Your Products

Criteria for your Log Cabin Treatment

  • 1. It must be a weather protector rather than a paint.
  • 2. It must be a weather protector rather than a paint.
  • 3. It must be a waterproof.
  • 4. It must have a least a small pigment of colour to provide a filter against the sun.
  • 5. It must be of high quality for joinery applications, e.g, windows, conservatories etc.

There are many low-quality stains available for sheds, fences, garden furniture etc, that do not provide the correct weatherproofing needed for a log cabin. We have found that the most common paints available have actually performed the worst, leaving cabins unprotected and swollen with damp corners and problems with sticking doors and windows.

It is always best practice to apply the treatment by brush and ensure that each coat is worked deep into the joint, particularly at the corners and between the logs. Make sure all faces and edges of doors and windows are also protected. For the internal treatment, we would recommend an all-purpose preservative (normally a clear varnish to retain the light pine appearance)

Due to the temperamental Scottish weather, it may also be necessary to apply some silicone sealer to certain parts of the cabin. This can occasionally be necessary even if the cabin is well built and treated.