General Terms & Conditions


1. The Consumer is a person who buys a log cabin, wooden garage or carport for his own personal use. Further in the text referred to as the “Consumer” or “You”.

2. The Trader is AMR Sheds LTD, further in the text referred to as the “Trader” or “We”.


1.1. Once you have selected a product and added it to your cart, you will be redirected to a secure payment website where you will be able to place your order by following the instructions. To place an order, you can either choose to pay a deposit of 20% of the listed price (30% for bespoke projects) or pay the sum in full. Orders cannot be placed without paying either a deposit or the price in full.

1.2. If when placing an order the Consumer does not specify whether the roof ridge height is to be a standard height or a reduced height (249cm), we assume that a standard height has been requested and proceed accordingly.

1.3. Once you choose your payment method and have successfully entered the relevant information, you will automatically receive email confirmation of your order with an order number, the order details, delivery address and delivery date. In all cases you will be contacted 2-3 days prior to delivery to confirm a specific time on the date of delivery. If you have any questions, please contact us by phone or email:  Our customer support team will make every effort to answer your questions within 48 hrs.

1.4. When the order is placed over the phone, it is assumed that a Consumer has familiarised himself with the Terms and Conditions and agrees with them. All phone calls are recorded for training and quality purposes. Phone call records containing sensible information (like credit card details) are deleted immediately after such phone calls are ended. 


2.1. Consumer has the right to cancel an order within 7 days of delivery taking place. To cancel an order the Consumer has to apply for a cancellation by email to We will send the confirmation of order cancellation within 24 hours of receiving such application.

2.2. A Trader has the right to cancel the order within 3 days of it being submitted. In such case a Consumer will be informed within 24 hours of the cancellation.

2.2.1. Consumer’s order may be cancelled if the ordered goods had been listed at the wrong price owing to a typographical mistake or a mistake in the information regarding price that was received from our supplier.

2.2.2. A Trader reserves the right of cancelling an order if a 5-month period has been passed from the date of order (bespoke item or standard one but over £7,000.00 worth), provided that Trader has presented a minimum of 3 different delivery dates and these dates have been rejected by the Consumer.

2.3. Order cancellations always result in refunds (For more information please read the information under “Returns & Refunds”) except the cases mentioned below.

The deposit is not refunded and remains with the Trader as a compensation for losses (inc. re-manufacturing, selling costs etc.) in case of:
a) a bespoke product order is cancelled due to no fault of the Trader (A bespoke product is any product in which the size, layout or any other parts are different from the standard ones offered on the AMR Log Cabins website.);
b) the ordered product price is more than £7,000.00 and the order is cancelled due to no fault of the Trader.
c) described in part 2.2.2.

2.4. The orders for PVC windows or doors (ordered with the cabin, garage or separately) cannot be cancelled and the sums paid for these items are not refundable after these (windows and doors) were delivered.


3.1. To submit your order, you can either choose to pay the full amount or pay a deposit of 20% (30% for the bespoke products) of your total bill. Both the deposit and full-price payment can be made by credit card or bank transfer. Orders cannot be processed without either first paying a deposit or the full price. Listed prices include delivery, VAT, hardware kits and flooring (depending on the product). 

3.2. The balance to be paid upon the delivery can be paid only during the working hours of the office, i.e. 8 a.m. ‒ 5 p.m. If the delivery is to take place after 5 p.m., the balance should be paid before the office is closed. If in these circumstances the Consumer is not able to pay the balance during the working hours of Trader’s office and the hauler is already on his way to the Consumer, the product is taken back to the warehouse while the Consumer will be charged for transportation and administrative costs.

3.3. The outstanding balance can be paid either before the delivery or there is the possibility of paying upon delivery. The driver will not be able to offload the package if the outstanding balance has not been paid. Payment shall be made in full in cleared funds before delivery/collection.

3.4. If the balance payment was not made or collected before or during delivery (due to mistake or other circumstances), a Consumer must make the payment immediately. In such circumstances a Consumer do not have the right to suspend the balance payment on the basis that parts of the item are damaged or missing. Please note that missing or damaged parts are always supplied on request.


4.1. Refunds will be made within 9 working days if the order is cancelled following delivery and within 3 working days if the order is cancelled prior to delivery. If an order is cancelled due to a fault on our part, we take the product back at our own expense. The Trader will be responsible for cancelling an order if:

– The product was delivered irreparably damaged, or is defective (except for minor parts, glass and missing parts, in which case we will send you the damaged or missing parts. For more details please read the information under “AFTER-SALES SERVICE”);

– The product is not the one that was ordered and the seller is not able to supply the right product or the necessary parts within a reasonable time;

4.2. Minor scratches or natural defects in the wood and structure (i.e. splinterings) are not considered product defects. Timber cracks are a natural feature of timber which is characteristic for all types of wood. Cracks occur due to the constant moisture fluctuation caused by changing weather conditions. The cracks do not affect the longevity of the timber in any way, so they are not considered as the defect and there is no need to worry about them. Please read more about wooden building maintenance here.

4.3. If an order is cancelled due to the reasons, for AMR Sheds Ltd. does not hold the responsibility, and which are not covered by the above-mentioned conditions, the customer is to cover the cost of transport and an administrative tax which is equal to £595.00 for England & Wales and £929.00 for Scotland. The cost of transportation will be deducted from the refund sum.

4.4. Products that you wish to return must be kept in good condition and returned in the packaging in which they were delivered. Products must be returned in the same condition as they were delivered. If the goods have been delivered in kit form, they must be returned in the same way in which they were delivered. Please ensure that any returned products are properly packed to avoid any damage or loss of parts in transit.

4.5. A Trader does not accept return items if the products have been affected by the application of chemicals, paints or have undergone any changes not covered by the terms of our warranty. If the returned goods have been in any way damaged by the customers, the amount of the refund may be reduced.

4.6. The product package is waterproof, however, once the product has been unpacked, it is a must to protect all the parts from rain and water. If this rule is not followed, the product cannot be taken back (in case in the order is cancelled).


5.1. Delivery is free (included in to the price – see 5.2) to most mainland England and Wales addresses (Shipping to Scotland costs extra). We deliver the products by trucks equipped with the cranes, so we ask you to warn us in advance (when placing an order) if there is a possibility of any obstacles during the delivery, related to limited access to the place, any kind of restrictions or parking charges. Any charges required in the circumstances mentioned above, are to be paid by the customer. You need to inform us if you believe there will be access problems, we mostly use a 18-26 ton flatbed truck for delivery which is 10m long, 2.5m high and 2.5m wide and needs a clearance of 4m to operate. If you are not sure if there is sufficient space for our vehicles to operate please contact us. Please note that if the access to delivery site is restricted and extra charges may be applied for specialised delivery.

5.2. Free delivery means that the delivery cost is already included in the price of the product, i.e. when the customer pays for the product he pays for both the product and the delivery. It should be pointed out, that we always pay the delivery cost to the transport company so we are also charged by them for the collection of the product and its return back to the warehouse (in case when the order is cancelled).

5.3. Delivery time takes 4-8 business days (for our in-stock products) for deliveries in England and Wales and 8-12 business days for deliveries in Scotland (for our in-stock products), 21-35 days for non-stock goods and 42 days for custom-made products. Please do not arrange an installation date in advance i.e. before the product you’re ordered has been delivered. A Trader will not be responsible for any related loss. The trader does not take any responsibility for losses resulted due to delivery delay as well.

5.4. We will contact you 1-5 days prior to the scheduled delivery date to confirm your availability. Please ensure that an adult is present for the receipt and signing of the delivery papers. Your purchase should be inspected carefully on delivery because we are not liable for any damage or missing parts thereafter.

5.5. We will endeavour to coordinate the delivery as near as possible to your day in which you would like the product delivered, however, because we deliver at least 4 products to the same vicinity we can only give a 4-day period for the delivery. Deliveries are carried out only on weekdays.

5.6. Our drivers cannot accept cash, cheques or provide any technical information concerning the product.

5.7. Every effort is made to make sure delivery is on the stipulated date, nevertheless, unforeseen delays do happen from time to time. In the unlikely event of this occurring, we will reschedule your date of delivery within a reasonable time period.

5.8. Any damage to driveways, lawns, or flower beds that are next to a narrow or difficult-to-access route shall remain the customer’s responsibility.

5.9. The insulation for the cabin is supplied via a third party meaning there could be up to 3 day difference with regards the delivery of the cabin and delivery of the insulation products. Insulation boards can only be delivered and offloaded to the curb-side


When filling out an order form, a Consumer must inform the Trader of any factors that could prevent or hinder delivery of the purchase. A Trader cannot be held responsible for items lost, stolen or damaged after delivery to a designated address.


7.1. The Trader is not responsible for the work and any resulting problems thereof of the assembly team.

7.2. The Trader cannot be held responsible for any mistakes or accidents during the assembly process, because a Trader only arranges installation team to arrive to Consumers place. However assembly team are not Traders’s employees. The Consumer is responsible for checking that all the included hardware is present at the time of delivery and that there are no defects. Please note that all possible complaints regarding installation should be addressed to the assembly team. If you need more information, please contact us by email at the following address:

7.3. Do not erect the log cabin or wooden garage on the wet concrete base, otherwise the mould will start growing on the inside of the structure. If the structure was erected on the wet concrete base, it is a must to keep a moisture collecting device inside the cabin, an electrical heater or to ensure the cabin is ventilated on a regular basis till the base completely dries out.

7.4. To manufacture our wooden building kits we use coniferous tree timber, which is naturally resinous. Because of this, once the timber gets exposed to the weather elements (moisture etc), timber can get a darker shade: for example dark spots can appear. This is particularly characteristic for timber which has not been treated. This is considered as a natural process. Neither the quality of the timber nor the longevity of the building is affected by the occasion mentioned above. Please note, that in this case the parts are not replaced.

7.5. Please note that none of our standard construction building kits come with toughened glass or comply with UK Building regulations.

7.6. A definition „residential cabin“ or „insulated cabin“ describes only the type of the building, but it does not mean that such named building kit meets local UK Buildings regulations. Also the definitions like „suitable for living“ or „ suitable for living all year round“ does not mean the building complies with local UK Building regulations as well.

7.7. As planning permission and building regulation is a complicated topic, information provided on our website is an introductory guide and is not a definitive source of legal information. For the final confirmation we always advise to contact local authorities.

7.8. We sell cabin and wooden garage kits containing the wall timbers, floor boards (for all cabins only), floor bearers, roof boards, windows, doors, locks, handles and hardware. Please note that all of our buildings have to be installed on a well made level base, which can be arranged by us (for an additional cost) or alternatively can be prepared by the Consumer.

7.9. It is not recommended to keep anything that could be a major source of moisture (e.g. swimming pool or hot tube) inside any of our cabins or garages, as this increases the risk of mould and possible deformation of the structure itself.

7.10. Roof load. It is not recommended to lay a roof-felt heavier than 30Kg per square meter. Ignoring this recommendation might lead to a sagging-roof or deformation of the structure.

7.11. The building kits come without window shutters as standard. 


8.0. The base the building will stand on must be solid enough for our installers to work in safety; if you are laying a concrete base we recommend you allow a minimum of 3 days to set before installation takes place.

When the installation team arrives on site they will verify how level the base is and its size and whether or not it is hard enough for the team to work within safety standards on it. If they discover the base is not sufficient in any way, they will consider this with you and ask you to sign a disclaimer to allow work to continue, or they will return at another time when the problems have been fixed, and for which they will require recompense.

A Trader do not examines the appropriateness of the base to support the building without ground movement, neither does inspect the reliability of the base. Installation team are not engineers; any defects that occur due to insufficient support from the base remain the responsibility of the Consumer.

8.1. Our products are usually purchased as DIY kits because they are easy to assemble as long as you carefully follow the assembly instructions. Although the assembly process varies from person to person, it usually takes 1 day for 1 or 2 people to erect a 16-square-metre area log cabin; larger structures inevitably take longer. We do not provide an assembly service by ourselves, but upon the request of the customer, we will arrange an independent assembly team to come to the customer and erect the cabin purchased from us. The assembly and other installation service related (inc. Turn Key package service) price is paid directly to the assembly team after installation is completed.

8.2. Although these professionals are carefully vetted by us and come highly recommended, we cannot be held legally responsible for any errors or problems arising from the service they carry out.

8.3. It is a must to erect the cabin, garage, gazebo or carport on a solid level base (i.e. concrete base, patio slabs) which has dried out completely. Please note that no foundations accessories or fixings (apart from the floor bearers) are supplied together with the main product as standard.

8.4. The assembly team will arrive within 1-4 days of the delivery taking place.

8.5. We ask you to check that the products have been physically delivered and to see whether all parts are accounted for before employing the services of a third party to perform the putting together of the product in order that in the improbable event that parts are omitted, incorrect or damaged you give us reasonable time* to organise the delivery of replacement parts, (*please note that reasonable time would in most cases be within the period of one to two weeks on the assumption that the relevant parts are in stock, however if we have to back order or manufacture parts, the time period shall be longer – up to a period of 4 weeks). A reminder that if you decide to use another person or persons to erect your products, you should allocate time for these people to understand the instructions, along with an appreciation of the parts that have been delivered to your home.


9.1. If a Consumer discovers any missing or damaged parts (up to 7 days after delivery), he must contact us to inform us about it. The missing or damaged part will be delivered free of charge as soon as possible (Please see section 8.5). If the Consumer has missed the deadline, the replacement parts are supplied at extra cost.

9.2. A Trader is not responsible for the financial losses experienced by the Consumer (i.e. the hiring of assembly professionals etc), which result from the fact that they have not checked whether they have all the parts against the packing list before starting the assembly process.

9.3. Please be aware that any issues that arise owing to the natural properties of the materials are not defects; please refer to the ‘Log cabin maintenance’ link section for further details.

9.4. We shall require photographs of any such flaw in order to identify its cause before rectification.

9.5. If a defect is the fault of the Trader, the Trader shall, at its discretion, decide on whether it is better to refund, replace or repair, at the Trader’s cost.

9.6. Timber has natural properties meaning the cabin will settle. Consequently cracks, splits, and the movement of timbers will take place following installation, and alterations might be deemed necessary (including alterations to windows and doors because they could drop, warp, expand or contract; covering any cracks that might be apparent between plasterboards; refitting storm braces as the building settles, and pushing down wall logs that might not have settled because of friction or additions made by the customer, etc). These repairs/adjustments are not deemed to be within the scope of the installation service and shall be the responsibility of the Consumer.


10.1. All of our products come with a 10 year anti-rot warranty. The guarantee term can be found on each product page. Windows and doors come with a 2-year anti-rot warranty (No warranty is applied for glazing). Such warranty is valid under the conditions that the structure is properly treated with quality oil based wood preserver or paint annually. The products’ packaging must be kept under a roof to protect it from rain and snow and the building must be assembled within 6 months of delivery. For all our products and its components only anti-rot warranty is valid.

10.2. Quick-Garden reserves the right not to honour its warranty in the following cases:

– Inappropriate use of the product.

– Either no foundations were laid or foundations were wrongly laid (i.e. uneven foundation).

– Building was installed on a wet base.

– Protective oil-based treatment or paint was not applied annually (The oil-based treatment or paint must be applied only to dry timber).

– The roof covering was not laid properly thereby causing a leak or the leak was caused due to a damaged roof covering material.

– Any alterations by a third party were not first authorised by AMR Log Cabins

– The guarantee is not applied in the case described in the parts 7.4., 7.9. and 7.10

Wood is a natural material and it may have cracks or scratches. These are not covered by the warranty. The warranty is not valid in the case mentioned in part 10.7.

Products with a broken part or any other problem will be repaired or replaced. You must contact us within 7 days following delivery.

10.3. Once the building has been delivered and you have checked all the component parts are there, we take this as meaning that you have fully accepted your order. We do not accept responsibility for any damage caused by the Consumer or his subcontractors during construction.

10.4. We use Scandinavian spruce and Nordic pine timber to manufacture our wooden buildings. This timber is naturally resinous which contributes to the fact that once the timber becomes affected by weather factors (moisture etc.) the timber takes on a darker appearance. It should also be mentioned that untreated timber is more likely to become darker.

The dark spots which appear due to the process described above are not considered to be a defect. Therefore, the parts that are affected by dark spots are not replaced.

The quality of the timber and durability of the products are not affected by the dark spots mentioned above. 

10.5. Mould is a parasitic fungus which grows due to a high level of moisture and lack of air circulation. Mould has no connection with rotting process. Warranty against mould is not applied.

10.6. A lack of ventilation in a wooden building can cause mould. Therefore, please ensure that your cabin or garage is properly ventilated. Please find more information here.

10.7. All wood has natural properties and all trees are dissimilar with dissimilar properties. This could include differences of colour, twisting, shakes, splits, warping, knots, knot holes and differing surface finishes, which are intrinsic natural properties of this type of material. These properties are typical for outside-used timber, and are catered for in the integrity of our designs, but nevertheless cannot be fully guaranteed against. Small alterations might have to be embarked upon on site owing to the make-up of timber. A quality wood preservative will need to be applied to all timbers that remain untreated in order to protect them. In addition, the timber can be sealed with a high grade external timber sealer to cut down the occurrence of twisting, splitting, warping, etc. that may happen over the life of the product.

10.8. Due to its natural features, and depending on the weather conditions, timber has a tendency to shrink (when the temperature is high) or expand (due to a high moisture level). This may result in temporary structure deformation. Please note that this is not related to the quality of the building, therefore we do not take responsibility in such cases. Please find more information here.


Please apply only a high quality oil-based (for outside) treatment or paint. Do not wait more than 7 days to complete the  treatment or paint. For the interior, we suggest you use a transparent and odourless preservative. Apply a few coats on the window frames and doors to ensure they are properly treated. Treat all the boards of the roof, particularly at the ends. Reapply this process annually. Make sure the treatment or paint is applied on the product which has dried out completely.


Product pictures may be slightly different from the actual products (minor details). Please follow the specifications. The sizes indicated on our website or other related publications are approximations and should be read as such.


The bitumen roof shingles are self-adhesive. However, we highly recommend securing the roof shingles with nails. Please note that nails for the shingles are not supplied.



These terms and conditions and your contract with AMR Sheds Ltd are governed by English and European Union law. The English courts shall have exclusive jurisdiction over any dispute.


In buying any structure the Consumer concurs with these statements: the building will NOT have any sleeping accommodation. If the building covers more than 30 square metres in internal floor space, it is made known that this building is not in compliance with building regulations and you have the intention to use it for an exempted use, for instance a building which the public rarely enter, or for related agricultural purposes. If you are not in agreement with this, please get in touch with us at the earliest possible convenience to cancel the order.


The Trader cannot be held legally responsible for any losses (the breakage or the collapse of the building or any of its parts as well as the damage of separate building parts) caused as a result of Force Majeure, i.e. nature disasters (severe winds, storms) and other uncontrolled forces. We do not accept any claims of compensation or refund in these cases.